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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 16, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> right now, a big change of course for pepco could be in the works. >> it's your voice making it happen. topper is declaring yellow. it means more disruptive weather on the way. breaking news. we just finished talking with the friend of the victim from that deadly plane crash in maryland. >> the crash happened near davis airport in maryland.
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>> gary in your joins us live from the scene. >> reporter: the crash site is 40 miles into the woods behind me near the end of the runway at davis airport. it was a 1964 beechcraft model a-23. >> it had recently been inspected and found to be in good operating condition. >> reporter: the plane carried an experienced pilot and an experienced flight instructor. >> i assisted the gentleman in feeling the aircraft up with fuel. >> reporter: a helicopter instructor was behind them on the runway as they did the takeoffs and landings required to keep a pilot current. on the final attempt. >> he got airborne but didn't fly high or fast. it didn't appear he was high enough to clear the trees. >> it lost power through the noise that it made. >> we saw him take a right turn and stall the aircraft and spin to the ground. >> reporter: there was hope. >> and i ran away from the helicopter into the bushes to
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try to go find the airplane. >> reporter: the plane crashed into a thickly wooded area. >> i had a lot of difficulty getting even into the plane to be able to assess them. >> reporter: the damage great. >> the windshield was ripped off, the tail badly damaged and in pieces. both wings were mangled and the engine was falling out of the aircraft. >> reporter: the pilot was rescued in critical condition. the flight instructor died. >> he was someone i knew very well. we were close personal friends. he lived with me at one point when he had fallen on some hard times. he was well liked by everybody. but flying is what he did and for him to go out like this i think is horrible as it is, would have been the way he would have wanted it. >> obviously that flight instructor is well-known in the aviation here. we're not releasing his identity pending notification of kin. the faa is here securing the scene until the rival of a
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team -- arrival of a team to begin the investigation tomorrow. new tonight, a big fire at an apartment complex in woodbridge, virginia in gemstone drive. one firefighter has been injured. he's expected to be okay. no one else had been hurt, butalways many as a dozen families have been forced from their homes. we don't have a cause as of yet. to the latest in the aftermath of that epic storm and the possibility that pepco might bury its power lines. pepco's attorneys say within the next six months, it will file an annals of undergrounding all or portions of the system n. a statement, the company says pepco will analyze the benefits and costs of more extensive selective undergrounding and even complete undergrounding of the overhead electric system. pepco has all but ruled out undergrounding up until now, despite pleas for it. as hundreds of thousands were sweating without their flights,
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our bruce johnson was pushing pepco's president live on the air the day after the storm hit. >> it would take ten-plus years to do that type of project. >> okay. >> the cost would go into the billions, and the question is, do our customers have the appetite to absorb that type of cost. >> a 2003 maryland study indicated underground cabling lasts only 30 years, compared to 50 years for overhead wires. it takes longer to fix and is not immune to flooding or lightning strikes. it may well have been your anger that caused pepco to evaluate burying its lines. that's not the only utility issue many of you are sounding off about. >> reporter: your anger and online comments about pepco and bge being allowed to charge you for revenue they lost when they couldn't bill you during the storm? your outrage is being heard loud and clear, and it could change the law. that is so unfair, summed it up
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for many, including maryland state senator brian frosh from montgomery county. >> it makes no sense. >> reporter: at the maryland statehouse a year ago he lost a battle to ban billing for lost storm income. he says he'll introduce legislation again in 2013 to outlaw charging you to make up for utilities lost revenue. >> i can't understand why they should collect from me when they're not providing me any service. >> reporter: a bge spokesman said the public service commission, not the legislature, is where this issue should be handled, that those charges are not profit, they're used for services and equipment. and even if this law passes, it wouldn't be in time for this bill. it wouldn't go into effect until next year. i'm ross potossi, 9 news now. the shadow campaign that helped illegally fund the
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election of vincent gray. the mayor had not met with prosecutors on the matter but investigators might soon meet with vernon hawkins. sources point to hawkins as the field operations manager for the shadow effort and say prosecutors are prepared to offer him immunity for his cooperation. it was a yellow weather alert day today and another one is on tap for tomorrow. topper shutt joins us from the weather terrace. >> it's uncomfortable right now. high temperature 96 today. here are the current temperatures. another reason we tell you not to exercise at night. 85 downtown. some of the burgs in the upper 70s, but for the most part low to mid-80s. the best time to exercise is in the early morning hours between 5:00 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. before it gets hot. it also is better air quality. 78 in bethesda. 75 gaithersburg. 77 in great falls. so we are looking, here's your
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wakeup weather. 70 to start. then 74 to 82 did i 7:00. look at the temps. 76 to 84 by 9:00 we're talking some areas in the mid-80s. we'll come back and tell you if records are possible tomorrow, more storms are possible. there could be a little fly in the ointment for the morning commute. we'll explain. two firefighters are injured, a family out of their home after a devastating fire earlier today. 45 fighters and medics rushed to the scene in temple hills, maryland earlier. there was one woman inside the home at the time of the fire. she made it out okay. one firefighter is recovering for minor burns, the other from smoke inhalation and both are expected to be fine. a 62-year-old man is recovering tonight after two pit bulls attacked him over the weekend. that attack happened in arlington. as max was getting out of his home, his son ran around the neighborhood to get the dogs attention and that brought his dad enough time to climb back into his vehicle.
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his wife still traumatized by the whole ordeal. >> i wish i don't see those things. >> dogs bit him 14 times and police had to shoot and kill one of them after it began to attack them. the fate of the surviving pit bull has yet to be determined. the owner of the dogs may also face charges. so you open your mid-flight turkey sandwich and find asewing needle that happened on four separate flights that originated in amsterdam and landed in the u.s. they're investigating the company in amsterdam where the sandwiches were made. delta is cooperating fully. it may only be the middle of summer but election day is 3 1/2 months away. president obama and mitt romney are heating up the campaign trial with their latest attacks on each other. it's getting kind of nasty.
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reporter danielle nottingham has more from the white house on the issue that won't go away for romney. >> reporter: president obama campaigned in ohio monday. his re-election focused on painting mitt romney as a leader who sends american jobs overseas. >> his plan would encourage companies to create 800,000 jobs in other companies. >> reporter: in speeches and campaign ads, team obama is saying romney did just that as ceo of bain capital in the late 1980s. he was forced to confront continued questions about bain and tried to turn the conversation on the president. >> what does it say about a president whose record is so poor that all they can do in this campaign is attack me. >> reporter: the obama campaign has been able to keep romney
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off message with questions about bain and his personal income taxes, but romney could get a big boost as soon as this week by announcing his running mate. louisiana governor bobby jendle is said to be on the short list, as is ohio senator rob portman. he campaigned for romney monday and took a practice swing at the president's promises. >> he said he could fix it. in fact, he said he was going to bring people together to fix tough problems. he hasn't done that. he hasn't led. he doesn't have the experience or the records or the policies to do the it. >> reporter: the president will hold fund-raiser in texas. danielle nottingham, cbs news, washington. >> a romney adviser says no final decision has been made about a running mate but there is speculation he could name him or her this week. federal officials announced new safety standards for rail systems nationwide. that includes our own metro. among the standards are crash
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worthy rail cars, data recorders or black boxes on trains and work rules including hours of service limits designed to make sure employees are well rested. transit agencies that do not meet the guidelines could lose their federal grant money. still ahead on 9 news, they look like dumbbells, but these amazing little robots can sprout legs and fight crime. we'll show you how they team up with the local cops in the most dangerous situations. also ahead, exciting news from the fda. 9 wants you to know about a breakthrough plan that can prevent hiv infections. i'm matt jablow. that story straight ahead.
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>> in tonight's health alert, it's being called one of the most significant medical milestones in the 30-year fight against hiv, the virus that causes aids. >> today, the food and drug administration okayed a pill that's proven to help prevent the spread of the virus in certain people. matt jablow has details. >> reporter: the mournful sound of washington's so-called great organ provided an appropriate sound track at the national cathedral. nearly 100 panels of national aids memorial quilts were installed today as part of an
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exhibition to mark the quilt's 23rd anniversary. >> these are real people who led real lives. >> reporter: julie road is president of the names foundation, the organization that serves as the quilt's custodian. shed more than 31 years after the first cases of aids were diagnosed, the quilt serves as a profound reminder of all that's been lost. >> they were important lives. >> reporter: if today was a day to reflect on the sad history of hiv and aids. >> in the u.s. we have over 600,000 deaths to aids. >> reporter: it was also a day to consider a more hopeful future. the food and drug administration today approved truvada, the first medication to prevent hiv infections in people engaged in highly risky sexual behavior, for example, having unprotected sex with a person already infected with the virus. >> we know it works in men practicing high-risk behavior. >> reporter: he said it's
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conceivable that it will eventually save tens of thousands of lives here in the u.s. >> i think it can. >> reporter: if he's right, the growth of the national aids qailts quilts will be significantly slowed. though to hear people at the national cathedral tell it, the quilt's emotional impact will never wane. >> it's impossible to be in front of these panels and not be moved. >> more than a million americans have hiv and 50,000 new cases are diagnosed every year here in the u.s. parts of the washington area continue to have some of the highest infection rates in the country. anita? >> they certainly do, matt. great news about truvada. montgomery county s.w.a.t. teams are working with a team. jeff knights explains how it works during a recent exercise drill simulating a man barricaded inside a house. >> hands up.
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walk to the door. >> it gives us audio capability, video capability and allows us to clear hard areas that we would be exposed to. >> the device is not only about catching perps. the robot's ability to go upstairs, downstairs, around corners, make it a potentially lifesaving tool for first responders, searching for injured victims they might miss. the cost is $14,000 and the feds and military are using them, too. there is more tonight from designer ralph lauren, creator of olympic uniforms. this year's olympians will have opening day duds manufactured in china. derrick says he wishes our elected leaders would get a clue. >> these are the same leaders who can't reform our indictment programs yet there is
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bipartisan outrage because america's olympians will be wearing opening day uniforms made in china. never mind the fact congress isn't putting up a dime for these suits or the fact that nowadays, 90% of the clothes we wear are manufactured somewhere else, not to mention that nike and adid adida sports is made elsewhere. this is silly, election year nonsense, forgettable if congress were doing a decent job anywhere else. but what i can't forget is the house republicans voting 33 times to repeal the health care reform law but holding exactly zero votes on what they would want to replace it with. or the abject failure of any and all efforts to deal seriously with federal red ink. time and again, americans have needed its lawmakers to step up and handle the big things, the stuff that actually matters. and time and again they have let us down.
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let's be real, congress. you want something to get really outraged about? take a look in the mirror. anita? >> if you want to respond to something derek has to say, watch any let's be real commentary. there's a letter bereal at roll over features. i could feel the heat. it's like a wet blanket sometimes. >> it was a little toasty today. 96. it's our 12th day we've been 90 or higher out of 16. >> triple digits, we'll be flirting with tomorrow. let's start with a live look outside. and really, after a high of 96, it's still kind ever toasty downtown. it's 85. dew point 70. don't want to see the dew points in the 70s. not a good thing. not comfortable. winds out of the south only at 3. satellite picture and the radar combined, we had earlier we had showers. most of which have now
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diminished. most of which are down to the south and to carolina and portions of west virginia. another little batch to the north could get in later on tomorrow. that would give us a chance for another round of showers and also some thunderstorms as we go through the afternoon hours. and some of those thunderstorms will be rather heavy and some of them could be severe, especially on wednesday. wednesday will be the best chance for showers and thunderstorms. see the storms went through earlier through southern sections of maryland. we had one storm straddle the river between montgomery county and fairfax. that's the area we could see fog. patchy morning fog, especially those areas that saw the showers and the thunderstorms. dry morning commute, other than that. near record highs possible tomorrow. i think we'll just actually see a little shy of the record highs. record high is 102 and 103 are probably safe. we'll be around 100. more afternoon storms. some could be strong. you'll be isolated on tuesday and then scattered, a little more widespread on wednesday.
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overnight partly cloudy and muddy. patchy fog. low temps in the 70s. we're talking upper 70s downtown. a little uncomfortable the next three nights. by morning, partly cloudy. hot by lunchtime. 72 to 94. air quality code orange. that's unhealthy air. by afternoon a couple of thunderstorms are possible. some could be heavy. high temperatures near 100. winds westerly at about 10. let's go ahead and kind of break it down for you. 72 to 80. we're looking at showers possibly in the morning with some fog and then by noon, 90 to 94. by evening, 96 to 100 with showers possible. now, the next three days got to be code yellow between the heat and storms. 99 tomorrow. 100 on wednesday. 94 on thursday. each day we'll get a better chance for showers and thunderstorms. finally by thursday temps start going down. friday we stay shy of 90 degrees with some showers and thunderstorms. then over the weekend we should hold in the 80s. i've got a shower in there on
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saturday. not a big deal. pretty nice weekend and back in the low 90s on monday. this forecast was made in the usa. >> good to hear. right here in this studio. >> speaking of the usa, they put on a show at verizon. >> president obama was there tonight. talking about the dream team. we've got footage of him. team usa, what a show. they were down at one point. we've got highlights for you. why the crowd got upset with obama in the audience tonight. matt's wrapping things up in south beach. sports is next.
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fans were lined up all day long outside the verizon center, paying $200 a ticket to get a chance to see the all- stars that make up team usa. lebron, carmelo anthony, kevin durante, all part of this year's squad prepping for london. lots of folks came to see kobe
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bryant. that's the wizards. usa was actually down at one point tonight, but here durante finishes with the alley-oop. they erase a ten-point deficit and get back on top in the third. durante putting on a show. a 3 from the corner. impressing his hometown. lebron with a steal and the post. look at that. back out to him, gets the 3. team usa defeats brazil, a tough test tonight, but they pulled it off 80-69. now, like i said, president obama was in attendance. big basketball fan, not going to want to miss this. his wife and kids joined him a little later. they got the crowd riled up when the couple appeared on the kiss cam and failed and came back to them and you saw daughter malia egging them on. this time you could see michelle was a little embarrassed in that one but they were having some fun and the crowd was loving it. the women also in action tonight. earlier made easy work of brazil. mora hit this 3 here.
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whalen led all scores with 21 p. u.s. wins big time 99-67. the nationals open up a home stand tomorrow beginning with the new york nets. tonight it was time to wrap things up in miami. we'll pick this one up in the third. nats are up one. ryan zimmerman at the dish. offers into the seats and putting the nats up 2-0. but starter edwin jackson having a rough night. he gave up 4 runs in 5 innings, all of them here in the third. miami wins 5-3 to split the series. rumors circulate in college park that athletic director kevin anderson may be heading out of town after two years. the san francisco chronicle reporting that anderson is in talks with stanford university for the same job there. anderson told the washington post today the rumors are not true. we'll keep following that. redskins rookies reported to ash burn today, but robert griffin, iii was not among
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them. this footage is from mini-camp. rg3 has yet to sign his rookie contract. the holdup is over disagreement over language in the deal. nine of the first 11 players selected in april's draft have yet to sign their contract. after 7 years in d.c., andre black may be gone. the wizards will waive him as their amnesty player, a new clause in the new cba most likely. he will receive the $23 million left on his contract but that won't affect the wi wizards salary cap. the deadline is tomorrow. castles at home against the boston lobsters. michelle obama and her kids enjoying tennis before basketball. venus williams playing tonight. she won both doubles matches but lost her singles match. castles extend win streak to 20- 2. >> lots of sports for the first family. >> they were having fun
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tonight. >> we'll be right back.
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